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What I'm doing now

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Updated 31st May 2024 whilst Emily and Caleb are on a run!!

Becoming a family of three

As I've written recently, I'm figuring out how to live for a family of three. And not just how to get by, but to live life to the full. I think that means knowing what things really matter, and then reducing the rest of the clutter. To put most of our time and money into the things that matter most.

One decision we've come to, is moving the TV upstairs and bringing down the piano. We've decided to foster creativity at the centre of our home. Caleb seems to love hearing us play, and we hope he'll be able to join in one day.

How to start a movement

I really want to see a movement of the gospel happen at the University of Southampton.

It's easy to think of Christianity as a world religion, but before it was a religion, it was a movement. A movement of the good news about Jesus Christ spreading rapidly from Jerusalem, to Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. And the movement is still going. There are places in the world right now where 1000s of people are coming to believe in the Lord Jesus and being baptised in his name.

Fruitful urban disciple-makers have observed that there are common principles at work in the places where there is movement. Not new principles, but ones that date all the way back to the acts of the apostles. I really want to see a movement of the gospel happen at the University of Southampton. So at the moment I'm spending a lot of time learning, practicing and teaching these principles. And I belong to a network of others doing the same where they live called "God Movements Network UK".

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  4. Rivers & Robots Presents: Still, Vol.1 (Instrumentals)

Goals for 2024

Here's some wins I've had so far: