Tim Daulby

About Me

I'm a pretty self-reflective person. I like to think about why I'm doing what I'm doing. I like to think about what I could be doing better. I like to learn what other people are doing that's better than what I'm doing. I take a lot in. Reading articles, books, newsletters. Listening to podcasts, audiobooks, YouTube.
For it to really sink in, I have to process it.
Journalling is great for that (although I've lost that habit more recently). Sharing ideas with people is potentially even better. I usually do that in conversation, but I wonder, what is publishing written thoughts like?
On timdaulby.com for example.
Less private than my journal. Less public than Facebook.
I wonder.

I will write more here in the future. But for now I have other projects going on. For example, I'm learning HTML and CSS from Head First HTML and CSS 2e which makes this website possible. This website isn't a wordpress site. It hasn't required any fancy tools. Just static HTML written in TextEdit.

In the meantime you can say hello.

Maybe you're wondering why "Me in 10 Minutes". Well, until I decide what I want my website to be I'm just borrowing inspiration from Derek Sivers.